Thomas Sinkjær

Thomas Sinkjær is a danish professor at the Department of Health, Science and Technology at Aalborg University and the Lundbeck Foundation, Denmark. 

Thomas Sinkjær holds a M.Sc.E.E. and a Ph.D. from Aalborg University and has a Dr. Med. Sci. degree from University of Copenhagen.

His' research interests are in the basic and clinical aspects of human sensory-motor interaction and the development of new neuro-diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.

He has contributed to 186 articles in international recognized peer-reviewed scientific journals and over 400 conference papers and has also written two science books. The books and several papers are frequently cited. For a full list of publications including citations see WoS or Google Scholar.

Thomas Sinkjær has received a number of international awards for his research, including the prestigious Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award in Science and Technology (the highest personal research award in Denmark), and the International Steven Hoogendijk Award in Medical Engineering, among others.

He has a great interest and experiences in promoting curiosity-driven research, in developing instruments to increase excellence in research and academic leadership, and to increase the societal impact of research. He is involved in evaluating international and national research funding schemes, research institutions, and research management performance and in developing research and innovation policy recommendations.

He holds positions of trust in both Danish and foreign research organizations, including the Norwegian, the Flemish Research Councils, NSF and the European Research Council. He serves on the boards of several knowledge companies and pricing committees and is the co-founder of four technology companies.

Thomas Sinkjær is an elected member of several professional organizations, including The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters and The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. He has been awarded the Royal Order of Chivalry; Knight of the Order of Dannebrog (Ridder af Dannebrog) Denmark.

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