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New research: Fatigue may be the result of an overworked nervous system

A new Ph.D. project has investigated the reason for increased fatigue in people with Cerebral Palsy (CP). 

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American researcher receives the Research Prize

The international 2023 Elsass Foundation Research Prize of $145,000 has been awarded to an expert in the research and treatment of muscle contractures in people with cerebral palsy.

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Project works towards early detection of CP

The goal of a new nationwide research project is clear - cerebral palsy needs to be detected in children much earlier.


EU Project to Strengthen Intervention for Infants with CP

An ongoing European research project aims to identify children at risk of cerebral palsy soon after birth 

Prismodtager Og Prinsessen

Professor is awarded 

The Australian professor Iona Novak is considered to be a leader in the field of cerebral palsy research. Now she is recognized with the Elsass Foundation Research Prize of 1 million DKK.