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Research Prize

Every second year the Elsass Foundation acknowledges a researcher, who is making a significant impact in the field of cerebral palsy. Call for nomination is open now.

Once every second year the Elsass Foundation Research Prize is awarded by the protector of the Elsass Foundation, HRH Princess Benedikte at the foundation's premises in Charlottenlund, Denmark. The prize recognizes researchers that have - and continue to make - an exceptional contribution within the field of cerebral palsy (CP).

Prize amount

The prize amount is 1.000.000 dkr. (equivalent to 150.000 €). It is a combined personal prize of 250.000 dkr. (37.500 €) and a research grant of 750.000 dkr. (112.500 €).

It is preferably given to one person only, but it may also be shared by several researchers. Nomination of candidates within all areas of CP research and sciences, with any professional background are welcome.

The Elsass Foundation Research Prize was founded and given for the first time in 2019. The first recipient of the award was Belgium Professor Bernard Dan and the second in 2021 was Professor Iona Novak from Australia.

Selection Committee

Members of the committee are appointed among internationally recognized researchers with extensive expertise and knowledge in the field of CP:

In 2021 ongoing committee comprises:

The Elsass Foundation complies with Danish legislation regarding impartiality rules.
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Call for nomination

You can nominate your candidate for the Elsass Foundation Research Prize 2023 now. To be considered, nominations must be submitted in English in confidence before June 1, 2022

Further enquiries about the nomination process, write us at or call us at +45 3965 8500.

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Professor is awarded 

The Australian professor Iona Novak is considered to be the leader in the field of cerebral palsy research. Now she is recognized with the Elsass Foundation Research Prize of 1 million DKK.

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