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The Foundation appoints a new director from within its ranks

CEO Peter Lindegaard will be joined on the Board of Directors by department head Patricia de Lipthay Behrend.

The Foundation’s collaboration with external partners needs greater attention, and the Foundation’s management needs to be strengthened due to an increase in activities and staff. These are two of the main reasons for choosing Patricia de Lipthay Behrend as a new director of the Elsass Foundation. The former head of the Foundation's Practice and Innovation department will join the Board of Directors on May 1, 2023.

For the Board, it was a very obvious choice, explains chairman Nick Elsass:

"Patricia de Lipthay Behrend embodies the essence of of the Elsass Foundation. Over the course of 10 years, she has made a significant impact on everything that the Foundation is known for today. Patricia has proven to be both hands-on and visionary. Her demonstrated leadership skills have shown us that she has what it takes to lead the Foundation into the future alongside the management team."

New tasks await

Patricia de Lipthay Behrend's primary responsibility will be to lead and strengthen the Foundation’s relationship with it’s partners - old as well as new. The task will be a focal point in the upcoming years, especially given the Elsass Foundation's establishment of the new Kolding unit in October 2023.

With the new role comes new daily operational tasks. The new director looks forward to the change in role and the new tasks.

Patricia De Lipthay Behrend

"The tasks ahead of me are incredibly exciting. It is important that people encounter the same openness, mentality, and knowledge, whether visiting us in Charlottenlund or visiting the new team in Kolding. This requires focus on maintaining the culture and values that are so fundamental to the Elsass Foundation's work," says Patricia de Lipthay Behrend and continues:

"I am very proud of the value that I see us creating for the CP community. I am also very happy and honored to be offered a position where I, together with the CEO, will lead the organization's further development and work for the benefit of people with CP."

A new take on an old partnership

Patricia de Lipthay Behrend is a trained physiotherapist and has a Master's degree in Public Governance. She has been employed by the Elsass Foundation since 2013 and was originally responsible for building a new department to ensure better integration between research and practice. Before joining the Elsass Foundation, she was employed as as a lecturer in physiotherapy education and later worked for two years as a regional manager in Frederikssund Municipality.

CEO Peter Lindegaard is looking forward to entering in to the new partnership.

"As we expand - both in terms of activities and scholarships – we recognize the need to expand the board of directors. Many years of close collaboration with Patricia de Lipthay Behrend have given me such a deep understanding of her that I have no doubt our new appointment will benefit the Foundation and the many people we are in contact with".

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