Behandling Kontraktur

Treatment and quantification of muscle contractures

The project aims to find and test new treatment for muscle contractures in adults with cerebral palsy.

The project is a three-year PhD study. In January 2021, the first study from the project was published, which consisted of a systematic review article on non-surgical treatment options for muscle contractures. In the study, no convincing evidence was found for any of the existing treatment options. Amongst other, these treatment options included stretch, electrical stimulation, and shockwave therapy. Furthermore, it was clear that future studies need to implement an objective and precise measure of muscle contractures.

Such a measure will ensure better quantification of muscle contractures and will therefore be beneficial both in the clinic and in a research context. This need is the focus of the ongoing part of the PhD project.

In addition, the project wants to investigate the possibility of using the drug Valproate to open a sensitive period in which the development of muscle and connective tissue in adults with cerebral palsy can be affected by e.g., physical activity. Valproate has been shown to cause epigenetic changes in DNA in different tissues. Epigenetics describes genetic changes that are independent of changes in the DNA sequence.

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