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Training as “medicine”?

What happens when anti-spastic medication is replaced by a neuroplasticity-based programme for
adults with severe CP?

A pilot project at Jonstrupvang in connection with Helle Hüche Larsen’s MSc in Health thesis.


7 residents underwent phasing-out of anti-spastic treatment and subsequently receive training for
three months with a focus on how best to stimulate the brain’s ability to change (neuroplasticity).

None of the 7 residents experienced a reduction in function or increase in muscle stiffness when
they underwent a phasing-out of the anti-spastic medicine. After the training programme, they all
demonstrated a significantly higher functioning and locomotive skills, which was still evident one
month after the training programme was completed.

In autumn 2019, an additional 8 residents underwent phasing-out of anti-spastic medication, and
they will also be able to serve as a control group in relation to the training programme.

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