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Sports Camp - a new form of habilitation?

A PhD thesis which focuses on how to design more holistic interventions for people with cerebral
palsy. Specifically, the thesis revolves around the intervention ‘Sports Camp’, which is designed for
and aimed at the neurophysiological, psychological and sociological aspects of CP.

With the help of qualitative interviews, this study seeks to elucidate how Sports Camp is
experienced by children, young people and adults with cerebral palsy as well as what development
processes emerge among the participants as a result of their participation in Sports Camp.


The aim of this thesis is the following:

  1.    Understand the impact of the Sports Camp programme
  2.    Achieve a practical and theoretical insight into the programme, allowing for further
       refinement and development of the programme’s practice, methods and theoretical
  3.    Inspire health services to open up to new ways of thinking and incorporating habilitation
       into their work with people living with CP.

Want to know more about the project?

Contact the project manager, Mie Maar Andersen, at mma@elsassfonden.dk

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