Early intervention and contractures

This project is composed of two sub-projects:


A randomised and controlled clinical study of whether early intervention can prevent the
development of contractures.

Families with children at risk of developing CP are offered intensive help to stimulate the children
into being as active as possible and thereby stimulating their muscle growth. Increased muscle
growth is anticipated on the basis of the latest research into counteracting the development of

The children will be monitored until the age of 4. Following that, it will be assessed whether
children who have received the intervention have reduced development of contractures.

The project will begin in 2020 and is expected to be completed in 2026.

ACTIVE - Early Intervention

An early intervention study in which we seek to investigate the significance of supporting families
through psychological help, guidance and supervision from therapists.

Want to know more about the project?

Contact the project manager, Maria Willerslev-Olsen, at mwo@elsassfonden.dk

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