External research

The following topics describe the most important areas in the Elsass Foundation’s research strategy.

The topics are based on the foundation’s own research and also define the areas of external research that the foundation primarily seeks to support. When relevant, the Elsass Foundation’s own research centre enters into collaborations with external project partners.

Applications that do not directly fall under these topics may be approved, especially if the projects are innovative and/or based on new methods.

Topic 1: Early diagnosis

Projects that seek to diagnose CP as early as possible with a view to initiating early interventions based on effective treatments and/or training methods. This topic also includes projects that seek to identify markers and symptoms as well as risk factors for developing cerebral palsy.

Topic 2: Individualised treatment

Interdisciplinary projects that provide insights into how best to structure a continuous intervention for individuals with cerebral palsy, including regular adaptations depending on the individual’s progression.

Topic 3: New therapies

Projects that focus on finding or developing new therapies so that in the future, treatments for children with cerebral palsy are based on the most functional and effective methods.

Topic 4: Identifying psychological and social needs

Projects that result in insights into the psychological and social needs and mechanisms of people with cerebral palsy, where self-confidence and control over one’s own life are key to good well-being.

Topic 5: Education and job creation

Projects that result in insights into increased opportunities for education and job creation for people with cerebral palsy, as well as projects that result in insights into the needs of children, young people and adults with cerebral palsy in relation to forms of help and support that ensure a level of function on par with others in society.

Regarding PhD projects, the Elsass Foundation’s standard practice is to provide grants corresponding to 1-2 years of PhD scholarship salaries, while the remaining expenses should be borne by the researcher’s educational institution. Furthermore, the Elsass Foundation does not provide funding for overheads or other administrative costs. If your application has to do with a PhD project, the name of the PhD candidate should be included in the application.

Project categories:

  1. Short projects: Up to DKK 1 million.

  2. Startup projects with a 1- or 2-year timeframe: Up to DKK 2 million.

  3. Mature projects with a 2- or 3-year timeframe.

The foundation’s research strategy was adopted in August 2016 but is regularly updated.

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