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About us

The Elsass Foundation is a non-profit organisation that conducts research and provides knowledge on cerebral palsy to the professional community as well as children and adults with cerebral palsy, presenting them with the best known approaches to assist them in their further development.

We fund individuals with cerebral palsy and projects related to that specific area.

The Elsass Foundation was established by Miss Helene Elsass, who lived with cerebral palsy. Her wish was to help other people with the same diagnosis.

What we do

In short, we aim to help individuals with cerebral palsy gain as much control over their own lives as possible and become independent achieving a high sense of self-esteem and empowerment towards social integration.

Our work consists - among many other tasks - of:

  • Developing procedures and training programmes for individuals
  • Providing knowledge, higher self-awareness and understanding of the disability to people with cerebral palsy
  • Conducting research and supplying scientific knowledge, often based on our own findings
  • Hosting seminars and conferences that aim to develop expertise of cerebral palsy, neurological conditions and motor disabilities